By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — The Cold War between the Washington Redskins and estranged safety Su’a Cravens is far from over, as the latter has announced that he will be giving away between 100-200 of his rookie No. 36 jerseys on Saturday.

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It’s plastered all over his social media:

This comes just days after the Redskins shut Cravens down for the season, shortly before Cravens was expected to end his hiatus from the team as he contemplated retirement:

Read between the lines on Cravens’ latest response at your own peril. Or just read what we came up with as possible outcomes based on where this is headed:

  1. This is very bad news. We hate to jump to conclusions (just kidding), but this has “irreconcilable differences” written all over it, and the biggest losers are likely to be Redskins fans. The Redskins’ front office clearly doesn’t want him around this season, either as a matter of principle or out of real concern for their young player. Cravens clearly wants to be around now or at least does not want to be told that he can’t be around. At this point, there is entrenched tension, and this is something that will likely require agents and lawyers to resolve. Then it’s split custody, and Redskins fans have to choose where they spend weekends and holidays. This is only the beginning of an ugly downhill slide.

    But maybe that’s just pessimism talking?

2. This is OK news. Hey, Cravens has 100-200 jerseys laying around, depicting a number he doesn’t even wear anymore! He should get rid of those, and this is basically like donating them to a thrift shop. Even teammates were surprised at the size of his collection:

3. This is good news. At least it’s a charitable act, right? And with so much free time, he could be doing much more destructive things. He gets his moment in the sun, maybe explains where he’s coming from, and takes the rest of the season to get his affairs in order. In the process, he learns more about himself, cooler heads prevail and he goes on to have a Hall of Fame career with the Redskins.

As if to prove that he really had way too many of his own jerseys, Cravens posted another video tonight, dumping trash bags of his jerseys into a box:

He promises to get another box, as the jerseys come spilling out of the box and onto the floor. He’s proving a point, certainly, but he may want to just leave them in the bags instead.


If you want to bear witness to the drama, go join in the spectacle at noon on Saturday at the Dulles Town Center. Maybe this is all a big misunderstanding and Cravens will show up arm-in-arm with team President Bruce Allen.

Then again, if he really wants to irk his estranged employer, he should consider holding this event while blocking the Redskins Team Store at the Dulles Town Center on Saturday.


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