By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — The Redskins haven’t had all that many reasons to celebrate in the past 12 years.

Robert Griffin III did some amazing things in 2012 — by the way, have you seen this ridiculous new development in the RG3 saga? — but otherwise it’s been a lot of mediocre football that, even when it results in a winning season, hasn’t been very exciting.

The Monday Night Miracle, on the other hand, provided one of the most exciting and, let’s face it, fun occasions in recent Redskins history. Down 13-0 with less than six minutes to play, the Redskins came back to beat Bill Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys, in Dallas, on Monday Night Football. This was Sept. 19, 2005.

In retrospect, the game wasn’t that miraculous. After all, that’s a two-possession game with half of a quarter left. The Music City Miracle lived up to its name. The Super Bowl we witnessed earlier this year was miraculous. This was more a rather improbably come-from-behind victory.

But it qualifies as miraculous because Parcells, entering the game, was 77-0 with a lead of 13 or more points in the fourth quarter in his career. Also, the Redskins hadn’t won in Dallas since the pre-Dan Snyder days. And the Redskins, even then, were awful in primetime. Oh, and Washington (which won its first game), had played nearly two full games without scoring a touchdown before getting into the endzone twice in the final four minutes.

Anyway, here’s some footage to gush over.

The Santana Moss touchdowns were great and all, but the best part about the game, to me, was the Sean Taylor hit on Patrick Crayton. To this day, that remains one of my favorite Taylor highlights, and its importance is amplified by the fact that it came at a vital time in the game.

That was fun. Football can still be fun, right?

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