By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — On Sunday, the Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Rams kicked off at the storied L.A. Coliseum, which has the largest standard seating capacity in the NFL (93,605).

Unfortunately, it was in front of one of the smallest kickoff crowds they will (hopefully) encounter all season:

For those of you counting at home, that’s whole sections that are completely empty, or at least sparsely populated.

Compare that to the scene last night as USC hosted Texas for a classic NCAA showdown:

Going to be a nice Saturday night.

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At least the Redskins fans west of the Mississippi River traveled well for a rare West Coast road trip. There was an audible “De-Fense” chant that started shortly after the Redskins kicked off to the Rams to start the first half.

The Rams have an established footprint in Los Angeles, but it hasn’t been active in several decades. In the meantime, Los Angeles has turned away from the NFL, and the Rams have not yet been consistently good enough to bring them back in.

Even so, the Rams tallied one of the most lopsided scores in the NFL last week. They have a wunderkind head coach, a talented starting quarterback, a Pro Bowl caliber running back, and a number of stellar defensive players. This is the time to get behind the local team.

Maybe they’ll show up by halftime.


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