By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — There is no chance that Tony Romo comes back to the playing field this season. Dak Prescott is entrenched in Dallas and if the opening in Miami didn’t lure him out of the announcer booth, nothing will.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s actually really good at his new job.

Admit it: as a Redskins fan, you don’t want to admit it. It isn’t fun to see a former Dallas quarterback announce the game of the week on FOX Sports each week. Now, NFL fans are treated to that on CBS broadcasts as well.

But if you objectively watch some of his highlights from Week 1, generously cut together by Jack Fritz from 94.1 WIP, you can see that he brings something new to the booth:

Part of what makes the commentary remarkable is because it’s risky. He’s predicting plays from the booth before they happen, in real time, including what quarterbacks are calling for in the audibles.

This isn’t Phil Simms speaking in vague predictions of what a generic team might like to accomplish in a given drive (and usually being proven wrong). This isn’t Jon Gruden swearing that X player or coach is the greatest talent in the league at a particular skill. This isn’t Chris Berman making incomprehensible sound effects.

This is real-time analysis that gives fans a better understanding of the game.

Was he perfect? No, he missed a few plays. Will it last forever? Maybe not, but in the mean time, it’s nice to hear an analyst that isn’t just capable of telling you what everyone just saw happen.


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