By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Cakes blows through so many paper cups in a given work day, it’s led management to issue an internal memo begging all employees to conserve, in hopes to cut down costs and save the trees.

That memo, sent out to all CBS Radio employees in D.C. on Monday, reads in part:

We found that in one week, we were averaging 300 paper cups a day! That adds up to 1,500 cups per week! We only have 276 full time and part time employees. Since most of those part time employees are only here a few times a week, we appear to be using way too many cups and killing way too many trees.

JP: Cakes got kind of defensive, and I think he actually was lying, saying that he only uses three to four cups a day. I would say the estimate is about seven or eight, and I think Drab would support that, and Valdez would support that.

Cakes: Let the accused defend himself first. I would say seven or eight seems a bit high. I’m sure that on some days, I’ve got to seven, eight, maybe even higher than that, because I generally just don’t think about bringing the cup to refill it if I need another drink.

EB: That is egregious.

The money the company spends annually on stocking the shared kitchen space with essentials could, at current pace, partially fund the salary of an additional full-time employee. In other words, Cakes is eliminating jobs with his reckless cup usage.

At our current pace in coffee, sugar, additives and cups, we are spending more than $27,000 a year on kitchen supplies.

Cakes: Why do you have to throw the trees part into it? Does anybody really care about the trees part?

EB: He’s making it an environmental thing. It’s not necessarily a cost-cutting.

JP: At the bottom, he mentions the money that’s being spent. He’s throwing that environmental thing to tug at your heart strings, but it’s really about the bottom line.

According to a well-placed source, management, in an effort to scale back Cakes’ egregious cup usage, has purchased for him his own personal coffee mug, another immediate expense aimed at saving thousands long term.

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