By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — “Me too bud.”

For a relative newcomer to Twitter, former Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan knows how to tug at the heart strings of Washington, D.C. sports fans.

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On Thursday evening, he had another exchange with a Redskins fan that left fans wondering what could have been:

Me too bud…what? Brevity is a dear friend of McCloughan’s, as he frequently answers Twitter questions with the fewest words possible.

But this is like getting a late-night text from the ex you could never quite let go. It’s only three words, but here are three ways to read what it means:

1. Me too bud: I wish they gave me more time to turn it around. Time is the great equalizer and one of the few things in life that we can’t get back. Time is precious, whether it’s spent with loved ones, or on a project as mammoth as turning around the Redskins. McCloughan was hired for four years and served just two, with his Draft Board and his free agency plan potentially heavily influencing a third. If the team does turn it around in 2017, it’s hard to not credit McCloughan for his stewardship.

2. Me too bud: I did not like how they tried to ruin my reputation. There were a number of bizarre chapters in this book, but the overarching theme was what appeared to be a calculated attempt to blame McCloughan’s demise on a relapse of alcoholism. Never mind that the team made his introductory press conference about the support that the team would provide to him in that regard. Through the use of the team-owned radio station and a host of internal leaks, the narrative was corroborated that McCloughan was out because of addiction. Even if this is true, that’s not the way that anyone wants to leave a job. That cuts to the character and reputation of an individual, and McCloughan almost certainly did not appreciate that.

3. Me too bud: Exactly what you said. Almost every paranoid public figure includes the phrase in their profile that retweets do not equal endorsement. Translation: even if I retweet you, that doesn’t mean I agree with everything you said or anything else you might say. McCloughan is much more straightforward, and it’s likely that he does agree with everything @ArmsBeats said. McCloughan got only half of a chance to turn the team around. He left in a tornado or rumors and innuendo. If he had his way, there’s no reason he wouldn’t want his job and his reputation back.

McCloughan has been a class act since leaving the team, never turning on his former players, Redskins fans, or even his former co-workers. Instead, he has consistently taken the moral high road, either by choice or as a stipulation of his departure from the team.

Either way, this tweet, in three short words, constitutes a summation of how he wishes things had gone differently.


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