By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — This seems impossible, but someone claims to have spotted a Kirk Cousins mashup jersey which identifies with both the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers.

Even more of a stretch, this Redskins/49ers Cousins jersey was supposedly spotted at a D.C.-area Target?

Either this is some sort of put-on, or someone has made a laughably preposterous mistake on the merchandising end of business.

When reached for comment, a Target customer service representative could not provide further information at present time.

To explore the hoax angle for a second, the price tag, signifying official NFLPA licensing, could just as easily be detached and laying next to the jersey as it could still be attached. You cannot clearly tell from either photo.

One could just as easily say the same about the logos or lettering. Were they placed onto the jersey after purchase?

Perhaps someone planted the forged jersey in Target to trick some unknowing customer.

Amazingly, this comes as Cousins is rumored to be a free-agent target of the 49ers next season.

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