By Chris Lingebach

All is not right in radio land.

(Disclaimer: For those who don’t enjoy following the inner-workings of the radio station, click away.)

The only thing better than a radio ‘fight’ is a radio ‘war’ between shows. Perhaps this is premature, but I’m calling this now: Something’s brewing between the producers of Chad Dukes vs. The World and The Sports Junkies.

It all began Wednesday when Junks producer Matt Valdez inexplicably went on a tweet storm highly out of character from his own self interests.

Something was clearly amiss.

While discussing a separate behind-the-scenes incident on CDVTW, midday producer Tom Daly outed the culprit.

“I have no problem with Mullins,” he said of Dukes’ producer, Jim Mullins. “Only thing I was telling him is that he’s not completely clean, and that maybe he’s done a thing today that might have upset someone who has a little more play at this radio station than he does.”

“So, only thing I was saying is that maybe if he doesn’t want Matt Valdez to know that he’s the one that hacked his Twitter account, that maybe he should stop going after Broc,” he said.

“I’ll tell him right now,” Mullins said (he did not).

“Did you hack Matt Valdez’s Twitter account?” Dukes asked.

“No. No. He left it open in the studio that we use before the show,” Mullins said. “And I tweeted a bunch of stuff about how terrible Maryland is.”

“That’s not hacking, is it,” Dukes said.

“I’m gonna send him a text right now, let him know I did it,” Mullins said (again, he did not).

“You can’t get out ahead of this now, Landfill!” Dukes said.

I have it on good accord that, after the tweets went out, Valdez was, as some like to phrase it, ‘Richard Christy.’

Fast-forward to Thursday morning, the topic came up again, this time on The Junkies.

Lurch: Is your Twitter account okay?

EB: What happened? Did you have a Twitter account issue?

Valdez: Oh yeah. I didn’t log out of one of the computers, and so, apparently, Mullins — aka ‘Landfill’ — was tweeting from my account like ‘crabs stink,’ ‘ravens suck.’ Stuff like that.

Cakes: That’s a pretty funny bit.

Lurch: You were just so bitter.

As of this moment, it would be prudent to classify this as inter-show ‘bickering.’ But here’s the thing: Mullins has done this before. And, knowing him, if he gets the opportunity to strike again (which he likely will), he will do it again.

This could quickly escalate into a full-scale radio war, lord willing.

Stay tuned…

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