By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Every office has this person, the co-worker who foists foul-smelling food upon everyone around them at every turn.

At 106.7 The Fan, that person is Broc Plymin, an otherwise kind soul and all-around hard worker. It’s one thing to bring in a rank dish on occasion, but quite another to do it an a literal daily basis.

One must possess genuine disdain for his fellow man to be that consistently cruel.

So, to fight back — in the only recourse that’s plausible — Chad Dukes began cataloging his producer’s daily atrocity, in hopes to shame him into caring more for his co-workers.

Sadly, this strategic patience hasn’t worked and Broc has doubled down, today unleashing an evil brew consisting of something called ‘field peas.’

“Today, multiple people have said my food wasn’t offensive or odor,” Broc told me, claiming the accusations against him are “unfounded.”

Which is why Dukes has brought the story to the airwaves — the last-ditch effort to preserve regard for human life.

I could go on, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Follow along the audio journey above, as Tom Daly, Brendan Andrew and I reconstruct our daily horror for the Chad Dukes vs. The World radio audience, and also get to the bottom of whatever this fiasco is:

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