By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — A recent survey shows that if there’s one thing NFL fans agree on, it’s that nobody wants to get romantically involved with fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

According to a non-scientific (but still entertaining) survey conducted by with 2,900 NFL fans, the Cowboys beat out only the New England Patriots in terms of dating desirability. Other untouchable team fans are the Steelers, Packers and Falcons.

The entire survey is framed around the concept of dating, and what people would be willing to do or not do within the context of NFL rivalries. For example, certain fan bases would rather vote for other political parties or abstain from sex rather than date a fan of a certain team.

One thing worth noting for D.C. sports fans is that the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry doesn’t rank among the NFL’s most contentious, in terms of relationships. Redskins-Cowboys doesn’t make the list of top-10 dating rivalries, although Cowboys-Texans does, with 44.4 percent of fans saying that they couldn’t date fans of the other team.

Redskins fans also would not give up sex rather than date a fan of a rival team. That counts for the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and maybe even Ravens fans. I guess D.C. sports fans are lovers, not haters.

In the win column, half of surveyed Redskins fans consider their fandom to be on par with religion. That’s good for ninth on the list, but trailing the Eagles at No. 1 (68.1 percent) by a wide margin.

Not surprisingly in a city built around politics, the Redskins did not rank high for willingness to change political parties rather than date a fan of a rival team.

This survey provides valuable insights into the psyche of Redskins fans. But none of this is as notable as the fact that nobody wants to date Cowboys fans.


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