Erin Hawksworth joined The Junks in studio Tuesday to hype up their annual Summer Dress Party.

Hawksworth, of WJLA-TV (ABC7), spoke from a place of personal experience when she told listeners they can’t miss this year’s event, scheduled for this Saturday, Aug. 26, at Whitlow’s On Wilson in Arlington.

Summer Dress Party Details

“I don’t have a lot of sundresses,” she informed. “I only have two, and I think one of them I wore to the party last year. The other one’s kind of like this corny, flowy, loose dress. I was like, ‘No. I can’t.'”

“If you want to wear something tight, you can wear something tight,” said Lurch.

“But I don’t think tight is a sundress,” Hawksworth said.

“It’s not really,” Lurch replied. “But you look good tight… I can tell you that.”

Hawksworth has already recruited a bunch of her female coworkers to come, she says, adding, “And there’s really no excuse, because Whitlow’s is so close to our station.”


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