By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Out of curiosity, I thought I’d bring back 106.7 The Poll on a slow Monday night.

When this little experiment made its debut back in May, we learned a bit about what the D.C. area thinks of some local stars and coaches. Overwhelmingly, the fans didn’t want the Wizards to give Otto Porter a max deal (welp), and the vast majority expect Barry Trotz of the Capitals to be the next coach of the four major D.C. sports teams to be fired.

John Wall was the clear favorite for the star most likely to be in Washington in 2020, and, well, that seems even more likely now. As for who was least likely to be in D.C. in 2020, however, that’s anybody’s guess. Fans were torn between Kirk Cousins and Bryce Harper, with the former getting a slight edge.

That’s two opinions on the Wizards (Porter and Wall), one on the Redskins (Cousins) and one on the Capitals (Trotz). So what do people think of the Nationals, and on a bigger scale, baseball?

Skip ahead to Monday night, nearly three months later to the day, and we have baseball thoughts!

Full disclosure: I did not see this one coming. What I actually expected was a good showing from the NHL, a dreadful showing from the NFL, not a very strong showing by MLB and the NBA was a wild card — are people loving the renaissance the Association is going through, or are they sick of the super teams dominating?

But I really didn’t expect baseball to dominate the vote here. Perhaps the Nationals breezing through the NL East this season, and their regular-season success over the past five seasons, is swaying the vote?

Regardless, that’s a surprise to me. And the NFL tying for second was another head-scratcher to me; I expected the NHL to pick up 40 percent of the vote or so, and I didn’t expect the NFL to have many votes here.

Meanwhile, the counter-poll went much more in the direction I expected it to.

No surprise: People are losing interest in the NFL. Of course, the league still has years and years of minor interest drops such as this before it truly starts to feel any pain its collective wallet, but, anecdotally speaking, there seems to be less excitement surrounding football than in years past.

The CTE issue is obviously a big one, and the league’s bizarre struggle to properly define a catch isn’t helping at all, but the NFL remains atop the nation’s list by a huge margin.

The NBA coming in second here is not a huge surprise — how often do you hear the complaints of superteams and lack of parity? — but again, I really thought MLB would have garnered a huge chunk of the vote here.

I guess people like baseball again now.

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