By Bryan Frantz


WASHINGTON — This isn’t good.

Forget fandom, if you’re a good person, you don’t want to see somebody get hurt. And what happened to Odell Beckham on Monday night — a preseason game, mind you — is a bad thing.

Beckham caught a high pass early in the second quarter against the Cleveland Browns, then as soon as he landed, he took a hit to the outside of the knee. Beckham’s cleat didn’t get stuck in the grass, and his weight hadn’t completely landed yet, both of which bode well for the star receiver.

But this didn’t look good:

The ESPN broadcast provided updates not long after the injury that suggest good news.

“Apparently he has an ankle injury, and also he’s being evaluated for a concussion,” Lisa Salters reported, then the crew later added that Beckham had passed the initial concussion test.

The team later called it an ankle sprain.

Beckham’s night is obviously done, and it remains to see if he’ll play again in the preseason.

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