WASHINGTON — Washington Nationals principal owner Mark Lerner revealed this week that after a battle with cancer in his left leg, he has had the limb amputated.

Lerner told his own story in a letter to Washington Post columnist Barry Svrluga, noting that he is now cancer-free and the move will allow him to remain active.

In early January, they discovered Spindle Cell Sarcoma in my left leg above the knee.  Radiation was completed in March and I had surgery in April to successfully remove the cancer.

The radiation treatment eventually caused the wound not to heal properly.

With my doctors and medical team, we decided that amputation of that leg was my best choice to maintain the active and busy lifestyle that I have always enjoyed.

The limb was removed in early August and I’m healing well, cancer-free, and looking forward to my eventual new prosthetic.

Lerner is one of three children and the only son of Nationals’ managing principal owner Ted Lerner. The Lerners collectively own and control more than 90 percent of the team.

In addition to his role as vice-chairman of the team, he is also the principal with the family real estate empire, Lerner Enterprises. When healthy, he has a large role in the day-to-day operations of both businesses.

Skipper Dusty Baker said that he was shocked by the news when he found out this week, and doubled down on his desire to win a World Series for this ownership group.

“I remember I saw Mark about a month ago,” Baker told the media. “He just said he was going to be all right and we didn’t have an idea what he was going through because we just thought he had that infection in his knee.

“I’ve got a couple friends who have the same thing. But Mark has a great attitude about life and we wish him well, and the family well. And we certainly would like to win this for him.”


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