By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Chris Russell hates fun and happiness.

There are many examples of this undeniable fact, but here’s the latest.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Taysom Hill was playing well, carving up the Redskins on a few nice plays late in the second preseason game of 2017. Hill is a great story; he suffered four season-ending injuries in five years at BYU, and that was after he took a three-year Mormon mission after high school.

As such, Hill went undrafted in April and, though he turns 27 next week, he is a rookie competing for the job as Aaron Rodgers’ backup’s backup.

So here he was, playing well in his second NFL game. He darted through a handful of defenders at the line, juked past a couple more, then stiff-armed a final defender on his way into the endzone for what eventually turned out to be the game-winning touchdown.

And then, the guy who thought he might never play football again celebrated.

Most people seemed to agree, it was a great play and a cool moment.

Totally harmless. A guy is playing for his career after, again, likely thinking he’d never play football again. He made a few big plays and likely made himself a few hundred thousand dollars while finding a job as an NFL quarterback. Who wouldn’t root for the guy?

Chris Russell, that’s who.

Stop ruining fun and happiness, Chris Russell.

After being called out by others who enjoyed Hill’s excitement and joy, Russell doubled down. Because of course he did. Nobody doubles down like the Rooster.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Maybe play some ping pong. Just make sure you don’t tell Chris Russell about it.

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