by Rick Snider

ESPN reported Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins “would love” to spend his career in Washington. And then Twitter broke.

Excuse me, where’s the news? While ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio is an excellent reporter, this is the same thing Cousins has told local media over and over for nearly two years.

Nothing new here, folks. Move along to the next Twitter meltdown. There’s sure to be one coming along every few minutes. Why, it’s going to be cold this winter, might even snow. Those swimming should expect a chill in a few months.

Cousins has really said little of substance over the past two offseasons. He has always talked of wanting to stay in Washington, but the market would dictate his future. Translation: we’ll see.

Cousins’ “would love” declaration over staying is in no way different. Cousins “would love” to see the Redskins pay him big money over a long-term deal, which would mean staying.

It has been frustrating when listening to Cousins stick to speaking points and never giving any real insight into his plans. Meanwhile, he’s banking $44 million over two seasons while the Redskins think they’re low balling offers.

Cousins doesn’t mind staying on one-year deals because they’re more lucrative. If this mess goes to a third year at $34 million in 2018, Cousins may change how NFL stars are paid because other team owners don’t want to get sucked into this black hole of payroll.

Now if Cousins buys a house in San Francisco, that would be news. If he starts wearing Rams gear while eating at Shake Shack, that would be news.

But wanting to stay in Washington? Not exactly head turning. But then, that’s what Twitter is about – making us turn our head even if it’s sideways in disgust.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks.


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