By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Ending football practice on a field goal challenge is an age-old tradition. It allows kickers to practice the pressure of a game situation and gives their teammates a chance to abuse them support them.

In order to end an entire training camp, as the Washington Redskins did on Tuesday, they went with the unconventional pick for the field goal attempt: new starting safety D.J. Swearinger. Since we know that the team broke camp, obviously he made it. Just barely:

Afterward, he discussed the kick on ABC-7:

“I used to kick off in middle school,” he said, referencing a time approximately half of his lifetime ago. “I was the kickoff [specialist], I punted sometimes and I was the long-snapper. So this just took me back to my middle school days, lining up I had to give me a nice little turn. Money. All money.

“No practice, it just all comes naturally. Natural born leader, natural born athlete.

“I went undefeated when I was like 6 years old in soccer. I was the man in soccer. I haven’t did that in a while. That was just–I haven’t kicked the ball in so long. That was just straight off of athletic ability, I guess.”

Always good to end training camp on a high note.


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