By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — I’m going to go about this gingerly.

Of all the sports-themed tattoos you’ve ever seen, roughly what percentage of them would you say are “good”? It’s not a high percentage, is it?

With that, I present: a really good (?) promotion that will lead to a lot of really, really bad decisions.

The San Diego Los Angeles Chargers are offering free Chargers-themed tattoos. There’s a lot to be said about this, but before we delve into this at all, let’s go ahead and note the other detail of significance: You can get tattoos as late at 1 a.m.

OK. So. How many good tattoos, in the history of the world, have been inked at 1 a.m.? It can’t be a high number.

Now, let’s create an imaginary Venn diagram. In circle one, you have sports tattoos — or more specifically, tattoos based on a particular sports team. In circle two, you have tattoos received at 1 a.m. In circle three, you have “good” tattoos.

How many tattoos are in that coveted middle area? It’s gotta be a really low number, right?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing these totally non-regrettable, permanent tattoos of a team that just up and moved from its longtime home that very reasonable people will surely get!

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  1. LA Football Popularity:
    1) Raiders
    2) USC
    3) Rams
    4) Cowboys
    5) UCLA
    6) 49ers
    7) Galaxy (Futbol)
    8) Mater Dei High School
    9) Madden EA Sports
    10) Chargers

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