By Chris Lingebach

After receiving word Friday of Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was reportedly pissed, real pissed.

If you’re a Redskins fan, you’d probably be whatever the opposite of furious is, if not for the fact that, if Elliott’s suspension is upheld upon appeal, he will return just in time to play the Redskins on Oct. 29.

Mike Florio explained Jones’ thinking as feeling wronged, that those in power at the league office have “robbed” from him the Cowboys’ 2017 season “under standards that he thinks is unfair.”

“Back in March there was an owners-only meeting at the league meetings in Arizona,” Florio told Chad Dukes. “Jones spoke extensively on three concerns: marijuana, the NFL’s habit of doing in-house investigations, and the commissioner’s compensation.”

“And since then, Stephen and/or Jerry Jones have each acknowledged concerns about the marijuana policy and the NFL’s habit of doing its own investigations,” he said.

“They have not yet publicly addressed concerns about the commissioner’s compensation, but I see that as the easy path for Jones to seek retribution against the league office, by going after the commissioner’s salary, by going after his total compensation under a contract that expires in 2019.”

“Let’s be realistic. He doesn’t have a whole lot of additional chances to get back to the Super Bowl and win it,” Florio said of the 74-year-old Cowboys owner. “He said that five years ago.”

“So this suspension, in his mind, completely derails his chances of getting back there this year,” he said. “He’s going to be upset about it. He’s had this robbed from him under standards that he thinks is unfair.

“I think we have to be bracing for him to do something — not publicly, but privately — to show those who have taken down his 2017 season that they’re not going to get away with it.”

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