WASHINGTON — Drop everything, Redskins fans: former General Manager Scot McCloughan is officially (maybe) on Twitter. Well, as officially as it gets without the blue check mark.

Per an unverified account that has been widely attributed to his wife, Jessica:

LISTEN: The Fan’s Exclusive Interview With Scot McCloughan

In the first hour after (maybe) Jessica tweeted, the account @MccloughanScot grew by more than tenfold, quickly exceeding the following of the author of this post. And that was before supposed Scot McCloughan ever tweeted. But when he did, he pulled at the heart strings of Redskins nation:

Given the obscurity of this picture, this is either Scot or the best fake account ever. Supposing that this is indeed THE Scot McCloughan, who was hired amidst great fanfare and fired under a rainbow of rumors and character assassination, then this is a remarkable opportunity for Redskins fans to hear from the man himself.

Since (maybe) Scot McCloughan is new to Twitter, and we have a gazillion questions, here’s a list of the top 10 things he should tweet about:

1. Why doesn’t Kirk Cousins have a long-term deal?

Forget million-dollar question–this one is worth nine figures. If all goes well this year, Kirk Cousins could play himself beyond the Redskins’ ability to pay for him, whether they want to or not. Rumors have abounded that McCloughan and Jay Gruden wanted to pay Cousins in 2015, but Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder held back. Is this true, and did it create the tension that led to McCloughan’s departure?

2. Whose draft board was used by the Redskins this year?

Lots of teams reshuffle a front office after the NFL Draft. Very few do so right before the draft, after all of the scouting work has already been completed. Was the 2017 Redskins draft similar to how McCloughan would have operated or did the Redskins really implement a new, last-minute strategy?

3. How many personnel decisions were his call?

When McCloughan was hired as the general manager, he added a level of credibility to every decision that the team made. But when the facade began to crumble, reports siad that McCloughan was a paper tiger who never held the final say. Who really called the shots?

4. Where did it all go wrong with Bruce Allen?

Allen and McCloughan go back farther than most players on the team have been alive. So why did it deteriorate so publicly and personally? Was it really about jealousy, alcohol, Cousins, personnel decisions, or something else entirely?

5. What was his relationship like with Chris Cooley?

Cooley has always been unconventional, but that took an unexpected turn when he speculated on his radio show that McCloughan had relapsed into alcoholism. It’s the type of speculation that feels uncomfortable even with extensive proof, which Cooley said he didn’t have. Others have speculated that the speculation was designed to lay the groundwork for future leaks and firing with cause. Regardless, what was McCloughan’s relationship like with the former star? At one point, Cooley told the world that he “freaking loved” McCloughan. Did the rumor come out of nowhere, or was there some underlying tension?

6. Is Dan Snyder still involved in team personnel decisions?

Snyder earned a reputation for meddling early in his tenure of ownership. But in recent years, he has been praised for taking a backseat approach to football minds. What was McCloughan empowered to do, and which decisions still go all the way to the top?

7. How good is the Redskins scouting apparatus?

McCloughan was a scouting wunderkind in Green Bay and served in top executive roles in San Francisco and Seattle. Strangely, the Redskins scouting department, which was hardly lauded before his arrival, changed little under his direction. Do the Redskins really have a stellar staff in place, or was this an area McCloughan couldn’t change?

8. What other teams did he advise during the 2017 NFL Draft?

When McCloughan was let go, Allen said that he hoped other teams would use his scouting knowledge ahead of the draft. McCloughan did re-open his scouting business and work with several teams, supposedly without divulging Redskins info. Who were the other teams and did any of those teams change the Redskins’ draft board?

9. What did he say to Cousins after “How do you like me now?”

Cousins had one of his best performances last season in a Sunday Night Football victory vs. the Green Bay Packers. Coming off the field, he found McCloughan and shouted in his ear hole “How do you like me now?!” The moment was caught by CSN Mid-Atlantic cameras and became a viral hit. Later that week, Cousins was a bit more subdued and downplayed the encounter. Did McCloughan talk to Cousins after the cameras left, and if so, what did he say?

10. What was that tweet about Dianna Russini?

Y’know what…never mind. Nine questions are enough for now.


Welcome to Twitter, Scot. We know that most of these questions will go unanswered, but here’s your chance to set the record straight.


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