By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Of all the possible angles to parse from Scot McCloughan’s fascinating Twitter debut, one has left Redskins fans on a tantalizing cliffhanger.

Tuesday evening, @McCloughanScot sprung up from Twitter darkness — his entrance announced by his wife, Jessica — and began fielding questions from fans around the NFL, though primarily Redskins fans.

One fan inquired about the former Redskins GM’s status with the team. Considering their messy divorce, one would presume McCloughan would never work for the Redskins in any capacity again. But not so fast…

Which situation would be right? Does Dan Snyder have to sell the team? Bruce Allen retires? Can that situation even present itself? How much time must pass before we know? Will we ever know?

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McCloughan leaves us with so many follow-up questions and no clear answers.

Forty-four tweets in a single night, and this was McCloughan’s lone reference to his relationship with the Redskins. And it all began with this.

Here’s hoping this Twitter Q&A wasn’t a one-and-done, and if some fan happens to follow-up on “the situation” in the future, McCloughan has the generosity to answer more explicitly.

Questions to Ask During McCloughan’s Next Q&A

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