By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Famed wrestling announcer Jim Ross, as avid an Oklahoma football fan as you’ll find, says the Redskins really got a bargain on running back Samaje Perine as fourth-round pick in the NFL Draft.

“He is going to be that soldier you love to go to war with,” Ross told Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan. “He loves to block. He can catch the ball. So I don’t know how they’re going to use him, but he’s a special player and they got a bargain on him in the draft.”

“I don’t know that it sells newspapers any more, if it get clicks online, for somebody to be a good human being,” he said. “Samaje, sometimes you wonder, ‘Is this kid too nice to be a hell of a football player, because how can we piss him off?

“Because when he’s motivated, we would think, he’s nearly unstoppable, because he’s so strong, he’s got real fast feet, he’s got great speed, real good vision. It just happened that he came to Oklahoma and then they recruited a five-star kid named Joe Mixon, and then they were both getting a thousand yards rushing and it was a great one-two punch for a team that ran four wide receivers.”

“So it was a funny marriage of schemes and personnel, but Samaje never flinched,” he said. “He was so reliable. He’s beloved in Norman, and because he’s just a great kid.”

Ross, in what was another opportunity for him to speak of Perine with effusive praise, says he met Perine as a freshman running back at Oklahoma.

“Cale Gundy, the recruiting coordinator and the running backs coach at the time, brought Samaje over on the first day of practice when he was just there as a freshman,” Ross said. “He wanted to meet me because he’s a wrestling fan.”

“Cale said, ‘I want you to meet Samaje Perine,’ so he’s bringing this guy across the field later, and I’m thinking he’s bringing Samaje’s dad over,” Ross recalled. “He’s balding, he’s got a receding hairline — he looked like he was 30 years old, at least. And I said, ‘My God.’

“And his wrists were wide. My dad always said, ‘When you’re gonna fight a guy, size up the width of his wrists because there’s great natural strength when a guy’s got wide wrists.'”

“So he looked like a blacksmith,” Ross said. “I told Toby Keith this one time, maybe over a couple of tequilas, that I thought that Samaje’s arms looked like The Blacksmith on ‘Gunsmoke.’ But he’s just a freak of nature in the weight room, but a good kid.”

The Redskins aren’t getting a ‘problem child’ in Perine, Ross assures. Not like the Cowboys have in Ezekiel Elliott, he says.

“I don’t know how that’s going to play in D.C.,” he said. “Not that it’s D.C., but anywhere in an NFL city now. It obviously doesn’t mean much in Dallas, because Elliott, he’s a problem child. So that’ll all come to pass. It’ll bite you in the ass at some point, but that’s not going to be the issue in this community with Samaje Perine.”

Ross went on to say of Elliott, “His immaturity is very well known within the confines of Dallas, Texas.”

And, in what will be music to Redskins fans’ ears, Ross added of Perine, “He’s got to be in the game, and he’s got to get touches, but I think he’d be an exceptionally unique and new weapon for the Redskins in the red zone.”

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