By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — We now know a little more about the incident which prompted Redskins head coach Jay Gruden to boot corner Bashaud Breeland from practice Monday morning in Richmond.

The Redskins were in the midst of a walkthrough, in preparation for their first preseason game — Thursday at Baltimore — when an incident flared up between Breeland and wide receiver Terrelle Pryor.

According to Mike Jones, Breeland overreacted to the situation and “got a little loud.”

“He had already been a little upset over some things,” Jones told 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen. “You could see Torrian Gray and DeAngelo Hall trying to calm him down earlier in the session.”

“Get me another corner!” Gruden yelled as the incident unfolded, per Jones.

Breeland then tried pleading his case to the coach, Jones says, “He’s like, ‘I’m just bringing intensity!’

“And Gruden was like, ‘It’s a walkthrough. You don’t need to bring intensity. Just get out of here now.'”

After taking several minutes to cool off, Breeland was eventually convinced by several veterans to hit the showers.

The issue has since been resolved, with Gruden later telling reporters, “They just had a little argument. It happens, so we just cooled it down, stopped the drill for ’em and let somebody else take the reps.”

What prompted Breeland to erupt — reportedly, he was upset over a CSN blog post written about him — may speak to a deeper issue, one that’s not easily resolved by the calming rationale of veteran leadership.

“He was a little upset over, I think, over I guess a blog post about him and how he was playing or whatever,” Jones said. “And it seemed like he was upset over that.”

Breeland’s own social media activity Monday morning should help fill in the gaps.

“Breeland is an emotional guy,” Jones said. “And, for whatever reason, he just got really bent out of shape today and was ultra-sensitive over a number of things.”

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Asked if Breeland and Gruden see eye to eye, Jones said, “They like him as a player, but it’s just like, personality-wise, emotionally, I mean, Breeland’s kind of a lot to deal with.”

“And that’s the reason why I really think the Redskins made a mistake in not retaining [former defensive backs assistant] Aubrey Pleasant,” he said. “Because he was the only guy who could get through to Breeland last year.”

“The Redskins didn’t want to pay him like a defensive backs coach and now he’s out in LA, and you’ve got Torrian Gray who, I don’t know if their relationship is very good right now,” Jones added. “I know that Torrian Gray was like, ‘Dude. I’m not your enemy’ today. Everybody was just like, ‘Don’t take it out on us that you’re having a bad day.'”

“It’s just something that the Redskins have got to work with, and I’m sure that Breeland will be back to bouncing around later this afternoon,” he said. “He’s sitting over there in the cold tub, listening to music right now as we speak — I see him there bobbing his head — so maybe he’s settled down now.”

According to Jones, Breeland has at times appeared “bored in practice,” which may hint at his focus being elsewhere.

“He’ll look kind of lax and give up a big play, and then the next play he’s like in the guy’s face and makes a great play to stop it,” Jones said. “I don’t know if he’s having trouble focusing. I don’t know. He’s a complex guy. He loves football, but there’s many layers to him and the Redskins are trying to figure that out.”

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“I do think the uncertainty there with him going into his contract year, also him emotionally, that’s probably why they used a third-round pick on Fabian Moreau, and why they used a third-round pick on Kendall Fuller last year,” he said. “It’s just because they’ve got to plan for the future, just in case that things don’t work out here with Breeland, not just playing-wise, but off the field, inside the organization as well.”

Before heading back out for afternoon practice, Breeland updated fans on his current mood.

Whatever it is that’s bothering Breeland, it appears to have been sorted out, for the time being.

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