WASHINGTON– The NBA Impersonator Brandon Armstrong is back at it again and this time he dropped a John Wall impersonation highlight, and it’s incredibly accurate.

Aromstrong caught a major buzz after his initial impersonations of players like James Harden and Russell Westbrook went viral online.

Not only are the impersonations hilarious, they are all somehow extremely realistic. From Dirk Nowitizki’s one-legged fade-away, to James Harden classic euro-step, Armstrong clearly studies the players he chooses to imitate.

Wall has approved of the impersonation as well. ABC7’s Erin Hawksworth asked him if he saw the video and he smiled before giving his blessings.

“That is the best impression of me, he does it the best. That’s like his second time doing it and he’s like right on point with everything he’s doing. I give him an A+,” Wall told Hawksworth.

What do yall think?

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