WASHINGTON — News flash: Washington, D.C. is a bit of a strange town.

It’s one of the few major cities in America where noteworthy people are rarely from and seldom stay long, but they could be here at any time. Thanks to the federal government and a full slate of professional sports teams, celebrities from the two spheres have unusual opportunities to interact.

Take Washington Nationals MASN broadcaster F.P. Santangelo, who has a big fan and one-time acquaintance in Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. According to a recent Q&A by Washington Post Magazine, Kennedy was a big fan and had some requests for Santangelo:

“Well, I met Anthony Kennedy. It turns out he was a huge fan of the broadcast and called the Nats to meet me,” he said. “One of the most powerful Supreme Court justices wanted to meet me? Just some dope who used to play baseball?

“It was awesome. He came to the game, and I went and sat down with him and his wife. He told me I should make an instructional video on all the tips I give on the broadcast.”

That sounds…great.

Joe Heim is the Post reporter who conducted the interview and actually admits that Santangelo used to annoy him on the broadcast. Santangelo then admits that he used to annoy himself:

“In 2011 (when I started), I just didn’t know how to do it. I was just intimidated and nervous,” Santangelo said. “I was worried about the owners listening, the general manager listening, the wives listening, the fans. And I’m trying to appease everybody, and every word is calculated.

“Halfway through 2012 I just said, Screw it, let it rip. Be yourself. And it all started falling into place.”

Read the rest of the interview with Santangelo here.


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