By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Once upon a time, training camp more closely resembled hard labor than football. Every practice was padded. Water breaks were for the weak. And Oklahoma Drills reigned supreme.

The Oklahoma Drill is the ultimate test of manliness, as two elite players square off in an all-out clash as teammates gathered around to provide negative and positive reinforcement. Players start out with a hand in the dirt and hit each other, shoulder pads down, as hard as they can until one player is driven backward or to the ground.

The drills caused so many injuries that they were effectively phased out of NFL training camp between 15-20 years ago–at least until Thursday, when they made an appearance on the sidelines in Richmond, Va.

Washington Redskins safety DeAngelo Hall, who remains on the physically unable to perform list while recovering from a torn ACL, suited up his 5-year-old twin boys, DJ and Jaden, in shoulder pads and ran a modified, heads-up, adorable version of the Oklahoma Drill.

That’s right, it was adorable. See for yourself, via some of the media outlets that were on-hand to watch:

It’s definitely still a test of manliness, but there’s a lot less to measure at that size. Hall has yet to be activated from the list, but has made more video highlights while sitting on the sidelines than he would in practice.

With the Hall of Fame game on tonight and the first round of preseason games coming soon, the Redskins will be itching to get him back on the field soon.


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