By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — At some point, the Redskins will decide on a location for their next stadium.

Whether in Maryland, D.C., or Virginia, fans won’t actually see that stadium for years to come, which leaves a lot of room to argue if the team made the right decision about where to build.

At present time, 106.7 The Fan columnist Rick Snider argues against ‘Grant & Danny’ host Danny Rouhier, saying if the Redskins were to select Virginia, especially a faraway land such as Dulles, the team would not run the risk of losing many fans who currently reside in Maryland.

Rouhier believes the crosstown trek to possibly near Dulles International Airport would be too much for many fans, who would suddenly prefer the closer Ravens.

What kind of fans are these? After enduring a quarter century of much chaos and little w inning, a long drive suddenly is the breaking point when a new stadium opens in 2027? What, the bandwagon can’t go 40-plus miles in another direction?

Of an ongoing 106.7 The Fan poll, a Wednesday sampling revealed 76.7 percent of respondents (244) would not bail on the Redskins if they moved to Virginia. But as a kind Twitter user observed, that leaves a pretty large swath of people who either would, or would at least consider the thought.

To put that more succinctly…

Additionally, many of those respondents who would not bail on the team presumably already live in Virginia.

Loverro raises another point which speaks to those Maryland residents who could become fence-sitters: “Ravens will aggressively attack Maryland suburbs with marketing” if the Redskins choose to build in Virginia. Such aggressive marketing could begin long before the stadium ever rises.

“My stance is proximity affects fandom,” Rouhier explained to Snider on 106.7 The Fan. “So the people from down south, if a team moved in between Richmond and D.C., they’d become fans of that team that’s close to Richmond. The same thing happened with the Carolina Panthers or otherwise, as the Redskins used to be the team of the south.”

“Some people would stay, the die-hards, so to speak,” he spoke. “But even on our poll, for example, 25 percent of fans said they would. All I’m saying is a significant chunk of fans would be lost if the Redskins moved out of Maryland. They may not care, but that’s what would happen.”

Their conversation revealed another level of nuance to the debate, that it’s difficult to compare the Redskins’ situation with that of a new team expanding into an established market.

“There will be a few people, but that’s a little different,” Snider rebutted. “You’re talking about Carolina coming into the market, suddenly you have a new team. There were lots of Orioles fans in D.C. that really, they switched over to the Nats because they got a team. And that’s a little different than this. The Redskins are still in town, they would just be on the other side of town.”

“And yeah, I don’t think Loudoun is a good location, personally,” he said. “And I think it’s going to end up by the Gaylord area… I just don’t think people are going to give up, because they don’t go to the game itself anyway. Now, maybe a few of them will, but most people who give up on the Redskins are doing it for lots of other reasons than because of FedEx Field, which they don’t go to anyway.”

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