By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Washington Redskins receiver Terrelle Pryor has to be looking forward to his first training camp in Richmond, Va.

It will be the first time that fans lay eyes on him in a Redskins jersey. It will be the first time he takes live reps with quarterback Kirk Cousins or faces bump coverage from cornerback Josh Norman. It will be his playground to cement his spot as the top receiver on the team heading into a prove-it season in D.C.

And it will get him out of wherever he’s practicing this week.

Pryor, a prolific poster of workout videos, shared his latest drill work on Monday, where he was practicing in long sleeves. Almost nowhere in the Northern Hemisphere requires long sleeves this time of year, so this was probably more of a personal preference than a necessity. But Pryor will be happy to know that Richmond is toasty this time of year.

But more importantly, Pryor needs to get back to playing on the well-manicured surfaces of an NFL training center. The grass he was catching passes on today may not have been mowed this summer, and even he acknowledged that it was sub par:

No one point out to Pryor that Houdini’s evasive maneuvers eventually failed him. Keep those ankles taped.


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