WASHINGTON — It’s hard to encompass how broad the scope of former NBC anchor Jim Vance’s influence was.

For years, the legendary anchor graced television sets across the greater D.C. area, bringing a trusted voice and beloved personality into the living rooms of millions. For those who grew up in the area, he was just a part of life — and an essential one, at that.

When he passed away Saturday morning, it wasn’t just those still living in the area that were shaken. The reverberations caused by his death were felt all across the nation, just one of the many signs that Vance had been a truly inspirational man.

Just this year, Vance cut to the core of D.C. sports fans with his rant about the Redskins’ failures.

And, of course, this is barely a month after the new Ben’s Chili Bowl mural was unveiled with his image gracing it.

“The idea that Vance can be gone from our lives is to me — I just cant believe that the universe is still intact,” NBC 4 anchor Wendy Rieger said on 94.7 Fresh FM Monday morning.

Sometimes you get a simple retweet and acknowledgement of the fact from the likes of Adam Schefter, as NBC Washington’s announcement brought. Other times, you get heart-wrenching, tear-jerking soliloquies from legendary NBA reporter David Aldridge — a D.C. native.

Clinton Yates chipped in his own life-changing Vance story.

Here are some more of those sentiments.

These days are never easy. To lighten things up, please enjoy one of Vance’s classic moments:

There will never be another Jim Vance. Rest in peace.


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