By Rick Snider

What is it about homegrown talent that the Washington Redskins refuse to value?

If quarterback Kirk Cousins was a Baltimore Raven or New York Giant free agent, the Redskins would have gone all out to sign him. Instead, the team couldn’t get a long-term deal done for the second straight year by the July 17 deadline.

Exclusive: Cousins Address Contract Situation

Cousins will cost Washington $23.95 million for this season. If Washington wants to franchise him for a third straight year in 2018, the number swells to $28 million as a transition rights and $34.4 million as exclusive rights.

That’s insane.

Maybe the Redskins just didn’t think Cousins was worth the money. But, mishandling contract talks in 2015 and 2016 coupled with Cousins setting consecutive team passing yardage records created this money pit. Now Washington will pay top dollar with no future guarantees Cousins stays beyond this season despite entering the prime of his career.

That the Redskins were quietly ambivalent towards retaining Cousins infuriates fans. They wanted to see a serious offer. The Redskins made a decent proposal in May, but Cousins wasn’t taking anything less than a guaranteed $52 million over the first two years that he was getting as a franchise player. The Redskins apparently couldn’t live with that number. Indeed, Allen said the team offered Cousins $53 million guaranteed, but no mention over how many years.

Only one year until the next franchise extension deadline comes due.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks.

  1. I’m a die hard Redskins fan and the deal NOT getting done, didn’t infuriate me. Would I have liked for them to get a deal do? Yes! However, I do somewhat understand. Yes, Cousins has put up good numbers and broke a couple of franchise passing records but he has not won a playoff game as a starter. That means a lot in the NFL! Furthermore, the Skins have had a terrible history of paying player a whole lot of money and they end up being a bust and laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of the organization. So, I can see them still being apprehensive on shelling out that much for a quarterback that hasn’t won a playoff game. So, because other teams choose to pay lower tier quarterbacks egregious amounts of money, long term. Does that mean the Skins have to follow that trend? When the Skins were spending egregious amounts of money on players, all the other teams and media would laugh at them for those transactions. Plus, It’s not like the Skins have a whole lot of money to play with going into next season. The quarterback position is considered the most important position on the field but there are 10 other guys putting it all on the line, as well and Cousins can’t do it by himself. The Skins have quite a few players signed to one year deals and if they play well, the team will have to structure long term deals for them, as well as. their other Free Agents, including Trent Williams. In the medias eyes, any moves the Skins make is dissected negatively. Most of this comes from their felling’s about the name so they have created a hatred for the organization.

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