WASHINGTON — The Redskins may have all but sealed their future without Kirk Cousins beyond 2017 on Monday.

By letting Monday’s deadline to sign Cousins to a multi-year deal pass, the Redskins agreed for Cousins to play a second consecutive season on the franchise tag and, unless they’re willing to pay him $34.4 million next year, they also agreed to let the quarterback test free agency in 2018.

Redskins president Bruce Allen’s bizarre post-deadline statement, indicating the Redskins made Cousins an offer which he declined without countering, marks a dramatic shift in tone from previous we’re-working-it-out public niceties.

Eric Bickel, who often takes exception to Bruce Allen’s mispronunciation of words, and frequent challenges with syntax, explained Allen’s latest ‘Kurt’ mispronunciation not as some under-the-radar power move, but a matter of sheer stupidity.

“I know for a fact he is a stupid human being,” Bickel told Dukes. “That’s all I can tell you.”

Bickel then leveled the organization for its approach to outing Cousins, suggesting if that was the course of action they were going to take, they should have made it more believable by making the quarterback a more substantial offer first.

“I actually advocated that they do something like this. Go ahead: Out him,” Bickel said. “But out him with a fair market offer. They offered him basically a below market offer. The fair market offer for a guy of his caliber is something like $75-80 million guaranteed, and it’s only going to go up. Not $54 million, not the $53 million he was going to make anyway. They literally gave him no incentive to sign. I mean, it was a just a joke.”

“The only reason why you make a statement like this is when you know we’re going nuclear, it’s over,” he said. “They know it’s over. They’re not going to be able to come to terms with this guy. They’re not going to go deep enough that they’re going to need to go next year, and he’s going to get a competitive offer, and he’s going to walk.

“And they know it, and Kirk knows it, and Kirk has known it for two-to-three years — they’re not going to pay him what he’s worth, and what he’s worth is what the market will bear. They kind of kept it together for a year or two, but today it’s officially the beginning of the end. The relationship is OVER. You think there was no communication before? There will be ZERO from here on out. It is over. The Redskins nuked it.”

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