By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — The Washington Redskins are one of new D.C. relief pitcher Sean Doolittle’s favorite things (along with Star Wars and the Oakland Athletics Washington Nationals):

According to this interview, by’s Jake King-Schreifels in December of 2015, Doolittle fell in love with the team at the tail end of the dynasty years. Even though he grew up in the heart of Eagles country, his dad’s undying love for the Redskins was contagious:

That’s how we were brought up. We were introduced to it at an early age and I’m just old enough to remember the last time the Redskins won the Super Bowl. After the 1991 season, I can remember the party that we had, so that was the beginning of my formative years. I guess that kind of cemented that I was definitely going to be a Redskins fan. I was raised correctly.

Doolittle is a real fan because he talks about the bad times of being a Redskins fan with as much detail as he talks about the good times. He was harassed by Eagles fans (which all good Redskins fans have had to endure), and he was all in on the “You Like That” phenomena of 2015:

It’s so cool because it was so genuine. At least, that’s how it came off. As a fan, Kirk Cousins has this very quiet, composed, confident demeanor that seems to be pretty even-keeled. We don’t see him show a ton of emotion.

Then he comes in after that comeback and he’s fired up. I think that’s something this team could look back to as maybe a turning point, where he stepped up and earned his stripes. He should have been excited after the game.

Doolittle’s brother also worked for the A’s as of 2015, and they were joined by Billy “Country Breakfast” Butler and an unnamed minor leaguer as fans of the Redskins living on the West Coast.

One thing that will instantly improve for Doolittle (beyond the opportunity to play for a team poised for a deep run in the playoffs), is that he won’t have to wake up at 9 a.m. in order to catch the Redskins on Sundays after baseball season is over.

Now, he can enjoy his football after a proper night’s sleep and over lunch, either at FedExField or his favorite D.C. area sports bar.

Either way, welcome home, Sean.


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