By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — FedEx Field doesn’t exactly have the best reputation.

Frequently cited as one of the NFL’s least enjoyable stadiums, both from an aesthetics perspective and a fan experience perspective, the Redskins’ stadium makes headlines every so often — rarely in a positive light.

For example, there was the time the Redskins got caught selling expired beer at home games.

Or the time the last quarterback to win a Super Bowl in burgundy and gold said there was “something missing” from FedEx Field and “it’s not passionate.”

Or the time the then-current kicker for the Redskins called FedEx Field the worst kicking surface in the league.

Or the time a huge brawl broke out between Redskins and Cowboys fans at FedEx Field.

Or the many times Dan Snyder has removed seats from the stadium despite claims of a hilariously long waiting list, only to have it revealed that the seats are actually just being covered by ads.

But alas, FedEx Field is no longer the laughingstock of the NFL. Not after the powers that be unveiled this pearl of innovation on Wednesday:

Yes, that is a device that holds both your food and drink. Not like a pedestrian tray, mind you, but a one-handed masterpiece!

What a time to be alive.

Meanwhile, a slew of additional changes are now being implemented at FedEx Field, as compiled by various members of the local media.

Only remaining question: Does this count as winning on or off the field?

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