By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — The top two passing seasons in Redskins history belong to Kirk Cousins, which seems about as glaring a sign the organization possesses a franchise quarterback as one could find.

But Cousins, 28, is six days out from potentially heading into yet another season without a long-term deal.

When 4 p.m. passes on July 17, the NFL deadline for franchise-tagged players to sign multi-year contracts, we will likely know whether the Redskins have Cousins in their long-term vision, or if they’re even in his.

Lorenzo: Kirk’s ‘GOT to Get Paid’

It’s befuddling to so many why a deal hasn’t been reached. Consider Cousins’ former top target, 49ers wide receiver Pierre Garcon, among those curious about the impasse.

“I don’t know, man,” Garcon told SiriusXM, when asked why his former team hasn’t locked Cousins up long term. “I wish I had the answer.”

“He is the guy that’s helped us make those playoff runs and do a lot of things great for us,” Garcon said. “I don’t know why he’s not the long-term answer there.”

“But I’m happy we’re all getting those opportunities now and he’s showing his talents on the field,” he said. “Kirk’s doing very well and his numbers are getting better and better. And he enjoys playing football. He works at it.”

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