By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — If Kirk Cousins is sweating his ongoing contract negotiations, he certainly isn’t letting it on publicly.

“I’ll let my agent do his job,” Cousins said over the weekend. “I’ll do mine.”

Chris Russell spotlighted what could currently be a snag in negotiations as next week’s July 17 deadline fast approaches.

Citing a “high-level source,” Russell told 106.7 The Fan’s Danny Rouhier that simply meeting a specific dollar amount won’t be enough to get a deal done.

“They are badly, and I mean badly misjudging the guy that has been in their building since 2012,” Russell said. “They are underestimating his resolve. They are underestimating what he is all about and what makes him tick. And I’m telling you, again, they have screwed this up 1,000 different ways. One of the biggest ways they’ve screwed this up is not knowing their own employee.”

“It’s my belief that part of what Kirk Cousins wants is to use his leverage and power to help out his charitable endeavors,” Russell later informed 106.7 The Fan. “At times in the past, specifically the ‘You Like That’ phenomenon, that has worked against the Redskins and their ability to make money off of his marketing power.”

The quarterback used his marketability for the common good in Dec. 2015 by slapping his ‘You Like That’ catchphrase onto some t-shirts — of which he sold thousands — and donated the proceeds entirely to the International Justice Mission.

One might wonder if that catchphrase, which was wildly popularized along the Redskins’ 2015 run to the playoffs, could have alternatively been used to move team merchandise for a profit. However, that would have been challenging, as Cousins quickly filed for a trademark of the phrase and marketed it philanthropically.

Cousins recently gave an interview which could lend credence to Russell’s money-isn’t-everything theory.

“If I’m going to build my life on money, shame on me,” the quarterback told WOOD (Grand Rapids, MI). “That’s not where I draw my security from, never should be. My parents didn’t raise me that way.”

“I’m not going to make it about money before franchise tags, and I’m not going to make it about money now,” Cousins added. “I’m going to play, and trust the Lord to provide, and to protect and lead. He’ll do what he wants to do regardless of my desires or my plans. He’s going to accomplish his purposes; I’m going to trust him and put my security there and let that lead wherever it leads.”

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