By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — This isn’t something you see every day, or season: An MLB team is helping an opposing player get voted into the All-Star Game.

The Nationals already picked up a whopping five All Stars in the 2017 exhibition, but they’re not stopping there. One of the options for the final vote category for the National League is third baseman Anthony Rendon, and the Nats are working Twitter hard to get him voted in.

That’s how we get the Texas Rangers aligning themselves with the Nationals star. Because the vote is split among National League and American League, a vote for Rendon does nothing to hurt the case for Rangers star Elvis Andrus, who is in the final vote category for the American League.

The Nationals leapt at the opportunity, and now the two teams are working together to get their stars voted in.

Collusion? Perhaps. After all, the All-Star Game has meaning.

On the other hand, this is a fun thing, and baseball is supposed to be fun. Teams should be able to interact positively like this. And who knows, maybe Anthony Rendon is Elvis Andrus’ favorite player. I mean, he’s basically everybody’s favorite player at this point, right?

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