By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Last week, minor league baseball player Tim Tebow was promoted from the low single-A South Atlantic League to the high single-A Florida State League. Y’know, that state where Tim Tebow was once a cult hero.

Enterprising opponents are already cashing in on his return to the Sunshine State. Take the Florida Fire Frogs, a former affiliate for the Expos/Nationals franchise, and a current farm team for the Atlanta Braves.

The team’s official Twitter account is pretty pumped that Tebow is back, even though he plays for a New York affiliate, the St. Lucie Mets:

Welcoming a celebrity player to a regionally-known developmental league is perfectly acceptable, and probably very smart for the Fire Frogs. Congratulating an opposing player for hitting a home run is somewhat questionable.

But an upcoming promotion for that series (have you heard they have tickets?) might cross the line into outright fanboying Tebow’s arrival. Here’s an ad from Facebook promoting the upcoming VIP experience:

19620168 514350452230429 3900238616896408443 o Minor League Team Selling Hallowed Tim Tebow Dirt


Selling the best seat in the house to see a celebrity play baseball is fine. Including a bottle filled with dirt that he allegedly stood in is a little creepy, regardless of where you stand on Tebowmania.

Settle down, Fire Frogs.


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[H/T Darren Rovell]

  1. Greg Brown says:

    The Fire Frogs are the former Brevard County Manatees, a Brewers affiliate, that played at the Nationals spring training facility, they were not a Nationals affiliate.

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