By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Psst. Hey, hey you. Yeah you, NFL team shop employees. You made a teensy weensy error regarding one of the items on your website.

(via NFL Shop)

Thanks to Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post, this gem of a geographical error is forever immortalized in Redskins team lore, though admittedly, the team likely had nothing to do with this one.

You see, the league decided to sell license plate holders for each of its 32 teams, with each team’s state outline as the background behind the logo. A novel concept, sure.

But, um. Hmm. That’s Washington state in the Redskins’ plate holder. The Washington Redskins, play in Washington, D.C. (OK, they play in Maryland, but go with it.)

Not surprisingly, the product was quickly removed from the site once media caught hold of the story.

However, one item that remains on the Redskins shop: Redskins toaster. For the low, low price of $29.99, you can have a Washington Redskins ProToast MVP. It looks like a football, with a Redskins logo on it, and it stamps the Redskins logo right onto your toast.

Look at this thing.

So, at least there is that.

Fair warning: Shipping may or may not be free.

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