By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Last season, in his oddly controversial crusade to “Make Baseball Fun Again,” Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper afixed decals to the bottom of his bat handles that would be broadcast by TV cameras.

Some were fun, others funny, but all appeared to be an authentic look at Harper’s personality. The decals are back this season, but there’s reason to believe that his newest decal was probably created by the team’s marketing department. Decide for yourself:

Why doesn’t this decal seem authentic? First of all, the team’s Twitter account was all over it, with a photo and link ready to go. Unfortunately, @Nationals wasn’t always so quick to draw attention to his messages in the past. Secondly, it meshes nicely with the “vote for my buddy” theme established with the team-created matching T-shirts for Trea Turner and Anthony Rendon.

There’s nothing wrong with making All-Star voting a marketing push that involves the players. Ryan Zimmerman clearly deserves an All-Star berth, Harper surely respects his teammate, and everyone can feel good about the campaign. Most fans will never suspect anything, and it might even convince someone extra to vote.

But baseball was more fun (again) when the bat decals had 100 emojis and Harambe stickers. Let’s get back to that.


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