WASHINGTON — The last time Crystal Griner stood on a baseball diamond, it ended up being a life-or-death situation; a gunfight with domestic terrorist James Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson was killed in the melee, while Capitol Police Officer Griner and her partner, Officer David Bailey, were injured. Both required surgery to treat their wounds, and Bailey was well enough to attend the Congressional Baseball Game and got a hero’s welcome as he threw out the first pitch.

Griner required more serious treatment and missed the event while she remained under medical supervision.

Fortunately, she got her moment in the sun on Wednesday, when she threw out the first pitch from a wheelchair at the Congressional Women’s Softball Game.

This was the ninth annual charity softball game played between members of Congress and the Washington, D.C. Press Corps, with money going to aid young survivors of breast cancer.

Griner got a huge ovation from the crowd as she threw out the pitch–a small token of the gratitude earned by her courageous action under duress.


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