By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Tonight could be the happiest night of Melo Trimble’s young life, depending upon whether or not he hears his name called by one of 30 NBA teams.

But happy or sad, it promises to be a defining moment — he believes — on the road to success.

“I just want to get the opportunity,” he said after the NCAA Tournament. “If it’s overseas, I’m with it. I just want somebody to give me a chance and be able to make something of myself. I’ve just got to work hard and not let anything affect me. Just stay confident.”

That confidence has likely taken a hit, as many draftniks now put him on the outside of the two-round system looking in. Even if he does get picked, it will likely be late in the second round with long odds of making an NBA roster.

“I’ve been doubted ever since I’ve been playing basketball,” he said in April. “I was barely a McDonald’s All American, I had to fight just to get ranked. I wasn’t getting the looks I thought I should be getting.

“I just put it to the side and played basketball and proved everybody wrong when I got here. That’s what I’m going to do again.”

Trimble was once speculated to be a top-10 pick if he had left Maryland after his freshman season. Instead, he returned for two more seasons, and was a cornerstone player and recruiting tool for the Terps.

While he may never acknowledge that returning hurt his draft stock, he did address how the increased time in college ball helped him become a better player.

“I’m more of a point guard. I don’t think anything changed about my game,” he said after pre-draft workouts in Charlotte. “I haven’t made every shot that I take, of course. My percentage went down. That’s a lot of what people talk about. But other than that, I’m the same player, plus my play-making ability.”

Wherever Trimble lands, his play-making ability will likely remain his calling card.


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