By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Antonio Daniels dug up some stories of locker room jocularity from his three-plus seasons playing for the Wizards, describing the great lengths to which Gilbert Arenas would go for a bit.

First off, the locker room was divided by “area codes,” Daniels acknowledged, and certain players weren’t able to cross over from one area code to the next. “They actually put my locker next to Gilbert’s, purposely.”

“To be a good influence?” Eric Bickel asked. “To try to calm him down?”

“Right. To kind of just stay in his ear,” Daniels said. “So it was like me, Gilbert and DeShawn [Stevenson] were all on one side of the locker room, and then on the other side, you had JaVale McGee, Nick Young — those guys — [and] Dominic McGuire.”

Daniels went on to share Arenas’ ongoing back-and-forth with Awvee Storey, who played only the 2005-06 season for the Wizards, naming one instance in which Arenas pranked him during a film session.

“So Gilbert told me one day, ‘Hey, I’m going to get Awvee really good today,'” Daniels recalled. “And we’re in film after one of the games, and we’re watching film session… And Coach [Eddie] Jordan is up at the television, and we’re walking through film.”

During the session, Daniels said “two of Awvee’s rims and tires come rolling through the locker room. In the middle of film session.”

“So in the middle of Coach Jordan — I don’t know what he was talking about, breaking down the pick-and-roll or whatever — two 20-inch rims come rolling through the locker room,” he described. “And Awvee jumps up and he’s like ‘Gilbert!’ So we all laugh and go running down to the cage, and Awvee’s car is sitting on bricks.”

Asked to identify the victim in the infamous poop-in-the-shoe incident, Daniels confirmed, “It was Awvee’s shoe!”

“Gilbert took Red Hot (sports cream) and put it in Awvee,” he described another prank. “And Red Hot, you don’t wipe it off with water, because that makes it heat up even more. You’re supposed to get it off with milk. Awvee didn’t know that, so he goes running to the bathroom and he just completely starts throwing water all over his face.”

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