By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Most elite modern athletes will tell you that they treat their bodies like temples, closely monitoring everything in their diets from carbohydrates to sodium, GMOs to organic.

But speedy elite athletes are a different story altogether.

In 2011, Brandon Banks was one of the fastest players in the NFL, returning kicks and punts for the Washington Redskins. Instead of skinless chicken and green beans for his pre-game snack, he dipped directly into the candy jar.

“My favorite pregame meal is a Snickers bar, and sometimes I eat Skittles,” he told “But I gotta make sure I get a Snickers bar to get my energy and my flow up.”

Evidently, Washington Nationals outfielder Trea Turner takes a page out of Banks’ book when in search of a quick burst:

At first glance, it appears to be a sandwich, or perhaps a bagel with a schmear of cream cheese. But upon further inspection, it appears to be some sort of pre-packaged dessert. Twitter debates:

Whatever Turner ate, it works, so don’t read this as a criticism. He earned whatever food he wants to eat after two electric steals and a run scored:


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  1. Fact check: Trea is our shortstop, not typically an outfielder this year.

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