WASHINGTON — JaVale McGee is having himself a series in his first NBA Finals, but perhaps none of it compares to his introduction graphic on the ABC broadcast:

It’s worth noting that this cat, named Raja, cost McGee more than $9,000 in “illicit cat possession” fees from his old landlord.

Beyond his introduction, however, McGee had to take the good with the bad. On the positive side, he posterized Kevin Love on an alley-oop from Kevin Durant:

Unfortunately, that play came after he was put on a poster by Love’s teammate LeBron James in Game 1:

Coming into the finals, McGee had his intelligence questioned by an unnamed member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The comments came from ESPN’s Dave McMenaminv on the Basketball Analogy Show:

“I had a Cavs player disagree with your opinion of McGee. He postulated to me that he doesn’t even think McGee’s gonna be able to get on the court or certainly not stay on the court because he doesn’t think he’s ‘smart enough’ to be able to play in this series.”

McGee took the comments in stride, telling the media before Game 1: “It’s an anonymous person. How can an anonymous person piss me off?

“It might not be disrespectful depending on who it’s coming from or it might not be real at all. If you’re not going to put your name on it, then why say it. But that’s even if it’s true (or) if the reporter was making it up just to stir some (stuff) up.”

Asked if he was planning to shut anyone up, McGee waxed patriotic: “I don’t silence nobody. They can say what they want. Freedom of speech, we’re in America, so say what you want.”

To his credit, McGee is mostly letting his play do the talking, with splash dunks like this:


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