By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Bryce Harper one time hit a meaningful home run against San Francisco Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland.

According to the unwritten rules of baseball that Harper has spoken out against on numerous occasions, that means he now has to get hit by a fastball.

Harper proved how much he objects to the “unwritten rules of baseball” on Monday, when he charged the mound and landed a punch on Strickland after the pitcher drilled him with a 97-mph fastball to the abdomen. Both players were eventually ejected.

All of this, most likely, stems from this:

So, let’s recap. A pitcher came on and attempted to do his job: get a guy out. A batter faced the pitcher and attempted to do his job: not get out. This is a situation that presents itself dozens of times each game. Only one of those individuals can succeed in each situation. In this particular situation multiple years ago, the batter succeeded.

Which means, of course, the batter then deserves to get hit by a pitch. Naturally, if the reverse had happened and the pitcher had succeeded, the batter would have no course of action except for charging the mound. And when was the last time you saw a batter charge the mound after he got out?


Please, MLB: Stop this nonsense where pitchers are allowed to throw at hitters that get the best of them with virtually no threat of recourse.

And please, Hunter Strickland: Get over the fact that one of the best baseball players alive got the best of you.

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