WASHINGTON — How exactly does a sports radio station, and its social media operators, power through the dark months of the sports calendar?

When a metropolis is home to four major sports teams, you’d think it’d be a fairly simple task, but when the football team hasn’t played in nearly five months, and the basketball and hockey teams each ended their seasons exactly when you would have predicted, there’s not that much to talk about, really.

Such times are how we get 106.7 The Poll: A spontaneous burst of polls presented to the Twitter audience on a weekday evening.

Here is how Wednesday night’s foursome of polls shook out:

No real surprises in there, but it’s a bit curious that Redskins coach Jay Gruden — who just received a contract extension — came in second in the hottest seat poll. And the near-tie between Bryce Harper and Kirk Cousins for least likely to be in Washington in 2020 is interesting.

It’s also at least notable that nobody seems to think John Wall is going to leave town when his contract is up after the 2018-19 season. In reality, it’s unlikely he will leave. But he’s also (probably) a top-10 player and will have his choice of places to play for a max contract at that time, and while Washington can offer him the most money, he’s not guaranteed to stay put.

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