By Brian McNally

ARLINGTON — New stadium talks continue, according to Redskins team president Bruce Allen, as the organization looks to its future once the lease at FedEx Field concludes.

“Those talks are ongoing and very positive. Very positive,” Allen said on Monday at Army-Navy Country Club where Washington was hosting its third-annual charity golf tournament. “We have a commitment at FedEx Field till 2027, but this process is going to start sooner than anyone really believes because to build these new monuments takes a lot of time.”

Allen said that all three local jurisdictions – the District, Maryland and Virginia – remain in talks with the team, though he wouldn’t characterize exact plans for a new stadium. New stadiums built recently (Dallas) or on the drawing board (Los Angeles) are lavish buildings capable of hosting major events like Final Fours or Super Bowls.

“We have a tremendous relationship with all the jurisdictions. We’re just going to keep working at,” Allen said. “And it has to be a jewel, and that’s what we’re going to make sure we do.”

FedEx Field opened in 1997, but has long been plagued by complaints about traffic and parking. It is already the 11th oldest stadium in the NFL and outdated compared to anything built in the last decade.

Three of those 10 older stadiums have either been completely remodeled (Soldier Field in Chicago) or will soon cease to house an NFL team (Los Angeles Coliseum, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum). But Allen believes Washington needs to push the process forward as soon as possible, even if the lease won’t expire at FedEx for another decade.

“We’re a little ahead of schedule, actually,” Allen said. “[Owner Dan Snyder] is on the league stadium committee, so we have all the research about all the stadiums and the timelines that it’s taken to build different cities’ stadiums. We’re a little ahead of schedule, but we feel good about it.”

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