By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Former Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan joined 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier to promote an atypical charity: he’s selling his autographed Redskins merchandise with proceeds going to the charity of his former employer.

It started last week with McCloughan’s ‘signature camo hat’ going up for auction on eBay. McCloughan’s wife, Jessica McCloughan, got the word out on Twitter. And while Scot initially only expected to “get like two dollars for it,” as he told 106.7 The Fan, the auction blew up overnight, so they decided to donate the money to charity. Ahem, to the Redskins Charitable Foundation.

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“It was my wife,” Scot McCloughan explained. “She said ‘let’s do this.’ And I thought, you know, they said, ‘Okay, do a hat,’ and I said, ‘Let me get like two dollars for it.’ I said, ‘But that’s fine.’

“Then all of a sudden it just went rampant. It’s amazing how avid these fans are, which is cool. And the good thing about it is, when we first did it, we weren’t saying we’d get a charity because we’re not going to get much. But all of a sudden it kept going. My wife’s like, ‘Let’s give it to charity. Let’s give it to the Redskins’ charity and another charity for foster kids.’ And I’m like, ‘Cool. Yeah.'”

The current highest bid for McCloughan’s signature hat is $701. Now the McCloughans are auctioning off other items: another signed hat, and his tan suit jacket, originally gifted to him by former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan.

McCloughan, who was fired by the Redskins in early March, had nothing but kind things to say about his former employer.

“This is a great, classic organization that has a lot of tradition in the past and hopefully they’ll get back to what they did in the past,” he said. “But I just want to say to the fans: It’s awesome. It’s a great organization.”

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Fans can bid on McCloughan’s auction items here.

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