By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Snoop Dogg’s smooth-talking Huggy Bear character in the 2004 remake of Starsky and Hutch went undercover as a caddy, and he gave accurate advice based on his extensive knowledge of “grass.”

Snoop reprised his golf expert role in a 2005 commercial for Chrysler with former chairman Lee Iacocca.

That doesn’t mean Snoop knew what he was doing on the links. Credit Golf Digest for getting him out to Augusta in time for the Masters:


“It’s hard to play golf,” he admitted. “It’s looks easy on TV, like, ‘Oh they’re just hitting that little ball in the hole. I can do that.’ It’s not that easy, man. That’s why the best of the best make it to this stage.”

Even so, Snoop wants to make golf more exciting, with hopes of opening it up to a bigger audience.

“I feel like me being here today is bridging the gap and showing that golf could be cool,” he explained. “We was riding, playing some good music and having a good time. That made the day interesting, that made it fun because when you think of golf, you think of it as quiet and concentrating. Shhh.

“Golf needs [excitemtn], because it’s missing. It’s the last piece of the puzzle. Look at everybody else, even hockey. Hockey had me come DJ the All-Star Game this year. They brought entertainer from all walks of life.

“When you come to golf, the only superstars is on the green.”

Despite not being a huge golf fan, Snoop had opinions on well-known golfers like Rory McElroy and former PGA golfer John Daly.

“Is Rory [McElroy] in it? I like Rory. He didn’t even know I was a fan of his but I like him,” Snoop said. “What about my man that be getting his drink on (John Daly)? Yes, Daly. Damn! I love Daly, man.”


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