Whenever Joe ‘The Rooster’ Russo stalks into the studio, he’s needlessly armed with two grandma-sized shopping bags (one under each wing).

But as Rooster lumbered into the building Monday, security footage managed to capture an additional, burdensome item in his tow: a cardboard box, filled to the brim with much smaller cardboard boxes.

Why Rooster chooses to saddle himself with such baggage on a semi-regular occurrence is anyone’s guess. Just the endless plight of a Rooster misunderstood by the outside world, perhaps.

But the indignity of the below photo, which portrays but a mere Rooster, in a clear display of angst as he sojourns — with the wind against his wings — from parking lot to his roost… it’s all a bit tough to put a caption on such pain.

If you are able to muster the humanity, please, caption this photo:


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